30.Wine major at university?! Interview with a student in the Enology and Viticulture Special Course (continued)


The interview with Ms. S from the sophomore year of the Enology and Viticulture Special Course (Wine science) in the Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences is continued.


‐‐the Enology and Viticulture Special Course (Wine science) in the Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

 This course develops talents who possess sophisticated expertise and technology in wine science. Wine science is a comprehensive science that consists of enology and viticulture.  Basic science in biotechnology such as plant physiology, molecular biology, microbiology and organic chemistry are required before studying wine science.  It’s after learning the basic science that students approach researches in viticulture, breeding, functionality of wine and fermentation technology of wine. Wine-related classes are provided in addition to ordinary curriculum of the Department of Local Produce and Food Sciences.  Research in grapes and wine is done in the senior year at the Institute of Enology and Viticulture. By mastering wine science, students learn skills and ability to play active roles not only in the wine-related field but also generally industries of food, agriculture, medicine and pharmaceuticals.



● Internship is included in the curriculum for sophomore and junior years.  How did you like it? 

● I participated into internship programs at two places in last September.  One is Chateraise Katsunuma Winery where I experienced wine making closely such as harvesting grapes, as it happened to be the harvesting season, and visiting the factory.  I had another opportunity to help harvesting grapes at UEHARA Grapes& Vines Research Institute.  They deal with edible grapes from which I learned a lot. (Is there any difference between edible grapes and grapes for making wine?)  They are different.  Grapes for wine usually have smaller pieces and thicker skin. Before going to the internship, I had some worries about how I would be involved in wine making in the future.  Internship was a precious opportunity for me as it gave me more clear image of wine making and got me motivated to work hard.

● You will start a research program in your senior year.  What kind of research are you interested in?

 ● I’m interested in research of preventing diseases of grapes.  (Is that improving grapes themselves or improving agricultural chemicals?)  I’m more interested in agricultural chemicals for now.  I’m actually studying herbs as a hobby.  A friend of mine gave me a chance and now I’m into it.  There are many kinds of herbs that have no harmful effect to human body and that is why herbs are actually used as, for example, mosquito repellent.  I also studied herbs in their soil, fertilizer and how to sow seeds and found out that wine has many things in common.  One of the classes that I’m taking is crop production studies whose topics are things that are required for sustainable crop producing such as soil, fertilizer, macrobiotics and germs.  I enjoy studying both wine and herbs a lot as I believe that everything I learn now will come in handy in the future.


● Do you want to become a researcher in the future?? 

● Yes, I want to become a researcher.  I enjoyed doing experiments when I was in junior high and high school.  I liked listening to teachers explaining processes and results of experiments and I also liked thinking about what we did and what we learned there.  So it was natural for me to have a researcher as one of my choices.


● Is there anything you are doing now for that dream?  

● I’m studying English hard.  I go to another English conversation school other than English classes in the university curriculum.  English is necessary as we often use English materials in classes even besides English language classes.  I will also need English as a researcher, for instance, papers basically need to be written in English. I’m also a member of an English conversation club at university and exchange with overseas students.


● What is your most favorite thing recently? 

● I went to Tokyo for a design event the other day.  My favorite is this ring with a cat that I bought there.  I’m always wearing this.  There is a wire inside and you can change the shape as you like.  There are many ways to put it on but I usually wear this as a ring like this.  It’s unique and cute, isn’t it?




Thank you for the intervew!