32.Humanities major department in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences?!What is there beyond deeper understanding in economics and a foreign language? (continued)


The interview with Ms. S from the sophomore year of the Department of Regional Social Management in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences is continued.


‐‐the Department of Regional Social Management in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences‐‐ 

The fundamental principle of the course is to develop well-balanced talents with logical knowledge and practical skills in economic, corporate, and administrative management.  The number of students of the department is quite small.  The department aims for talent development who solidly learned economics, management, law and politics in topics closely related to society management, acquired mathematical methods and research methods, and are capable of managing society for local sustainable development.

※ Experiment, exercise and hands-on style classes are emphasized.  All students are required to take the special basic subject titled “biotic resources exercise seminar” which mainly consists of field work on a farm.  Its unique curriculum allows students to take special progress subjects provided in other departments as well. 



● Is your boyfriend from the UK? 

● Yes, he is.  I had met him through Facebook before I went to the study abroad program.  I met him face to face for the first time when I actually went to the UK to participate in the program and we started seeing each other.  Difference in the culture is not any trouble so far but it made me aware of many things.  For example, in Japan, it’s usually a virtue that you understand something before it’s mentioned.  But his attitude is different and it’s important to speak out if there is something that needs to be understood.  He also seems to be interested in Japanese history and has many questions for me.  Those questions are often something I have never thought about and give me opportunities to think back about Japan and to change the angle that I observe things in a good way.


● Please tell me about tutoring, too. 

● I am a tutor for a German student who is here from last October.  A tutor’s role is to help an overseas student for about a year in basic life arrangements at school and in town.  For instance, I helped the student with class registration and setting up a bank account.  When we were applying for a bank account, I was asked what “Heisei” was.  Questions from overseas students are often eyeopening because they ask about things that we usually take for granted and have no awareness of (lol).  Tutoring is an educational experience for me also and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.


● I heard that you experienced internship to get prepared for job hunting. 

● Now I am also interested in finance and thinking about looking for a job including the finance field.  I experienced internship at Labour Bureau in summer of the second year.  It was about one-week program where we experienced basic office work, a tour to a Hello Work agent office and so on.  Some credits are also approved if you submit a certain assignment.  For next time, I want to try a private company or a foreign company.  I consult with the on-campus career center regarding internship.


● You are also in an English club, aren’t you?

● Thinking about my future, I want to improve my English more.  So I joined ESS, an English club at the university.  We exchange with overseas students using English and participate in events with them.  We have overseas students from the United States, Ghana, Australia, Germany and other countries.  I am also a member of an English club named NICE.  We get together twice a week over lunch and exchange in English.  Both clubs are vigorous and I enjoy the activities.  The activities are very practical for me as I believe that it’s important to actually speak English to improve language skills.
I also check overseas news on the Internet and practice writing personally.  I’m really thankful to my boyfriend as he kindly checks my writing.



Thank you for having the interview!