She is an overseas student from the People’s Republic of China, who has been studying in this university from the first year of the undergraduate course.(continued)


I continue the interview with Ms. I in the first year of the Masters Course of Biotechnology Major, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering who has been studying here since the first year of the undergraduate course of this university.. (The interview was made in November, 2013.)

Her pursuit introduced later is a must-see !


●What made you decide to study at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences of University of Yamanashi?

●After I came to Japan I studied Japanese for one year in a language school in Tokyo. There was a service center for foreigners to learn other subjects while learning Japanese, and there I studied aiming to enter a national university. When I consulted a teacher in charge about my intention to study cytology, I was recommended to the University of Yamanashi because this university is established in the field of cytology. Now I belong to Professor Hiroshi Kurosawa‘s Kurosawa Laboratory, for I’m interested in the contents of his research. I have a strong interest in regenerative medicine, and the teaching style of Professor Kurosawa to encourage the students’ initiatives is also appealing to me.


●Do you have favorite lectures which would be useful in your future?

●I like the lecture of Structural Bioinformatics Advanced Study, in which we discuss the relations between the biological structure and the function of nucleic acid and protein on the micro to nano-level. This lecture offers not only academic approach but also a presentation technique. I think the ability to present one’s own thoughts will be all the more important after graduation.


●I hear that you have a part-time job at a restaurant. Havent you experienced hardships?

 ●In early days I had a problem with dialect words^^. There is “Kosyu dialect” in Yamanashi prefecture, which bewildered me, and sometimes I thought those words were standard Japanese (chuckle). Now I’m used to it.

●What kind of future vision do you have?

●I am hoping to find a job in a Japanese firm. I want to do the work related to research and development.

When I was in the senior year, I studied about the companies, and I felt it was necessary to have at least a master’s degree to engage in research and development. That was the reason I went on to the master’s course. If possible, I want to be employed in a company which deals with cosmetics in which I have been interested for a long time.


●Are you interested in makeup too?

●I’ve been interested in makeup for many years. Actually I became acquainted with a famous Chinese makeup artist, and I was taught the technique a little. I bought a book of the artist and just viewing the pages is really fun! Having such a wonderful

 experience, I became a greater fan of her (him).



When I had a Halloween party with friends in October, I put makeup on each of them. 



They all loved that and admired my skill.

Here is my makeup↓








Are you surprised?^^

Actually, this makeup is only put on a half of the face. This is the front view.↓

 How about that? (Perrrrfect!!)


 ●You belong to an international cooperation circle “Change” in this university. What kind of activity do they actually do??

●I joined Change from this year. Its activities are for instance, a feeding service for African people by the profit made by a campus festival, or TFT (Table For Two) activities which is to make donations by the profit from food designing by students. The food is sold at a campus cafeteria, and the profit is 20 yen for a serving. I saw their activities and I felt I wanted to cooperate, so I joined them. We have weekly meetings, deliver the flyers of TFT, have questionnaires, or hold a debriefing session to report our activities to co-op, which make us very busy, but fulfilling.


●Your boyfriend is also an overseas student in this university, isn’t he? 

●He came from Germany, and since he went back home, we have a so-called a long-distance relationship. I’m going to travel to Germany in December, and am very much looking forward to it. I wish to visit Christmas markets too.



Ms. I is doing very busy every day for her study, job, and so on. Did she manage to enjoy her winter vacation in Germany?

I appreciated her taking the time for this interview!