37. What changed a literature-oriented girl into a “Rikejo” in the faculty of Education and Human Science?!


In the faculty of Education and Human Science, students aiming to be school teachers are studying diligently. These future teachers are working to become nursery home, special-needs, and high school teachers, so their studies include various objects and subjects, and each course covers all the subjects of humanities, science, arts, and physical education.


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Today, we are going to interview with “Ms. M”, a Rikejo who is aiming to become a science teacher in the faculty of Education and Human Sciences. She is now in her third year of Science Education courses at the School Education program. She looks a little shy and nervous, but we are going to find that she is steady and solid inside! Let’s get started!


About when did you get involved in the science course?


It was during my high-school days when I steered myself into the direction of science courses. I’ve always been a book worm, good at writing, and liberal arts oriented (lol), but I thought it was easy to change from science courses to humanities courses (this change is called “Bun-ten”) as opposed to the other way around, so I took a high school entrance exam with a science course. I just wanted a challenge, but was not so confident. So, when the exam was finished, I was sure I had failed, and I remember I sobbed a little on my way home.


But you were successful!


Yes, I was surprised. That was how I entered the science and math course of my high school as a “SSH” (Super Science High school) in this prefecture.


What was it like to study in the science-math course at the preparatory high school?


It was full of science and mathematics from the first year. We had only one class and the students were never shuffled. Our studies were very through for the entrance exam for the science course. Maybe because the curriculum was filled with science and math, For my circle activities I chose something different. For my first year, flower arrangement, and when I was in second year, I entered a literature club, where I started writing “Tanka” which I am still writing.


Yes! Ms. M cannot be profiled without Tanka poem, but let’s wait for the episode until next time.   How many female students were in the science-math course?


Nine out of forty. The number was smaller compared to regular courses. But I enjoyed the situation. For your information, three students including a boy did Bun-ten, and left the course afterwards.


Was it so? Even though students have determined to go on to a science course at the time of the entrance exam, it must be difficult for them to decide their aptitude while they are still in middle school. Didn’t you waver between the courses when going on to university?  


I did. To be honest, I wasn’t good at physics and mathematics. However, I kept on struggling for all science-math subjects while I was in first year. But when I was in second year, thanks to a biology teacher, I naturally (?) decided to go on to a science course in university.


So, the meeting with the biology teacher was an important encounter in your life!?


I’m not exaggerating, I really think that encounter changed my life. When the teacher taught me the fascination of biology to discover “how interesting living matters are!”, or “how mysterious life is ~!”, I became totally captivated by biology!


A brave figure of Ms. M on one day


It was perfectly suited for you. But you did not choose the agricultural course centered on biology, and entered the course of education. Why was that?


It was just because I wanted to be a teacher like the person who communicated the fascination of biology to me! The faculty of education is advantageous because you can learn education and biology at the same time (lol). Oh, I had another reason to choose the faculty of Education and Human Science of University of Yamanashi. I considered the economical aspect of entering a university in my hometown to please my parents (lol).


I see!

Well, at the faculty of Education and Human Science, what are you studying, specifically?


Besides languages and liberal arts, we have teaching subjects and special subjects. Teaching subjects are to study primary science education or middle-class science education, in other words, to learn how to organize lessons and how to teach science in elementary school and middle school. Special subjects include general biology, biological experiments, diversified biological theory, botany, zoology, etc., and three kinds of outdoor practices, where you can study at a specialized level, to some extent.


Doesn’t it mean you’ve been very busy every day?


Yes, actually, I have no spare time (lol). On the busiest day, I have classes from the first session (starting at 9:00) to the sixth (ending at 19:40), continually. On such day, I cannot help getting exhausted.


Great! You are a hard worker! Here’s Ms. M, with a high motive!


Next time we will talk about her favorite things.