CA (Career Assistants) Wanted!【Application was closed.】


The Support Office for Female Researchers is now accepting applications for “Career Assistants”, volunteer research assistants for researchers who are busy with their life events.

 Required number of assistants: 1

 Payment by the hour: 881yen (for an undergraduate student), 1,093yen (for a graduate student)

 Work period: Until March of 2015


 The specialty of the researcher and the work details are as follows:

 Work contentsAssistance for simple experiments on microorganisms. About 2 hours a day.

Researcher’s specialtyApplied microbiology

ConditionsThose who are interested in microorganisms such as lactic acid and yeast.

  If you wish to apply, please send the form of inquiry through our website.

 The application will be closed when an assistant is found.