The lecture “Delicious Shoku (job and/or food) Life for Students” will be held!


The 3rd Work-life Balance Lecture Meeting

  The Support Office will host “Delicious Shoku (job and/or food) Life for Students! 

 Being workaholic, it was a matter of course for me to work overnight, work overtime, and eat meals out.What changed my life 180 degrees wasof all things, Cooking.

 We strongly recommend that the students who are going to work listen to his message.

This lecture is full of episodes which will be useful when you go out in the world!

 Both male and female students are welcome!

The lecture is geared toward students, but it is also OK for the faculty members to attend. 

The participants have a chance of getting a cooking mini book made for this lecture!

Date/Time: October 8th (Wed), 2014 / 16:30~18:00

Venue: Active Learning Room, 3F, Kogyo-kai (Alumni Association) Building, Kofu Campus, the University of Yamanashi

Lecturer: Mr. Masaharu Takimura

     Cooking expert daddy, the representative of Bistro Papa Inc.

     Regular commentator at the Cooking Corner on Wednesdays in the program

Suppin! aired by NHK.

Participants: Students of this university, and college/vocational school students in this prefecture.

    The University of Yamanashi faculty members also can also attend.

Applicable project

  Life Design Seminar Lecturer Dispatching Project, the division of Gender Equality / Prefecture Residents Life, the department of Project / Prefecture Residents, Yamanashi Prefecture

Please apply for the participation to the following in advance, for the preparation of materials.

Inquiries/Application: Support Office for Female Researchers, University of Yamanashi (B1-213)

  TEL: 055-220-8350


  Website/Inquiry Form: