Report from The lecture “Delicious Shoku (job and/or food) Life for Students”


The Support Office for Female Researchers held the 3rd Work-life Balance Lecture Meeting

titled “Delicious Shoku (job and/or food) Life for Students” on October 8th (Wed), 2014.

 The lecturer Mr. Takimura, a cooking expert dad, spoke about a difficulty to stand others’ points of view, based on his own experience. He told us the importance of placing others on the axis either in cooking or in business, saying “daddy’s cooking is a heart warming cooking”.

 He also lectured on a “strategy” to transmit what one thinks, with his message “From now on, it is the time to get a job by creating!” 

 In addition to the questions and answers included in the lecture, he kindly took his time to answer the questions individually asked after the lecture, so the lecture was very beneficial to students.  

Date/Time: October 8th (Wed), 2014 / 16:30~18:00

Venue: Active Learning Room, 3F, Kogyo-kai (Alumni Association) Building, Kofu Campus, the University of Yamanashi

Lecturer: Mr. Masaharu Takimura

     Daddy cooking researcher, the representative of Bistro Papa Inc.

     Regular commentator at the “Cooking Corner” on Wednesdays in the program “Suppin!” aired by NHK.

Lecture Title “Delicious Shoku (job and/or food) Life for Students”

Participants: Students of this university, and college/vocational school students in this prefecture.

 ・We also accepted our faculty members and general participants who made application in advance.

Applicable project

 ・Life Design Seminar Lecturer Dispatching Project, the division of Gender Equality / Prefecture Residents Life, the department of Project / Prefecture Residents, Yamanashi Prefecture

Turnout: Around 60







 Mr. Takimura, Thank you very much for your powerful and amusing lecture which is filled with your precious, bitter-sweet experience!

We thank many participants from in and out of this university!


I got his autograph on his book, owned by our library Conohana Bunko! (Lucky)