Report from the Lecture Meeting for Promotion of Gender Equality “Empowerment of Female Researchers – the case examples of Ochanomizu University-”


The Support Office for Female Researchers co-hosted a lecture meeting for promotion of gender equality, titled Empowerment of Female Researchers – the case examples of Ochanomizu University-.


  Prior to the lecture, the president Maeda made an introductory speech, and the director of this Support Office Futaba Kazama reported the offices activities. Then the lecture by Dr. Kimiko Murofushi started.


 She introduced CDFJ (College Doctoral Franco-Japonais) which has worked out in Ochanomizu University, and the Female Researchers’ Exchange Program between Japan and Canada, etc., which was implemented by the Science Council of Japan. She also introduced now broadly active female researchers who had participated in these projects, and their efforts’ outcomes.


 At the question and answer session, there was a question about how to position women for managerial-level as an action of gender equality promotion. She answered There are still few role models of female managerial workers, so it is a fact that it requires time to cultivate young human resources, but I think starting anything we can do right now will be helpful.


 There was another question about appropriate work directions for female subordinates.

Her advice was You might as well ask the subordinate for his/her actual condition, rather than to decide your directing way according to gender. Even a male subordinate may have a reason to decline a job for his life events, or there may be a female worker who aspires for a challenging job.


 The lecture gave us a very meaningful time to think about the future gender equality promotion and the support for female researchers in this university. Thank you very much Dr. Murofushi, and many participants there.

SpeakerMs. Kimiko MUROFUSHI (Emeritus Professor of Ochanomizu University, a management councilor of University of Yamanashi)

VenueMultipurpose Hall, 5F Information Media Building, Kofu Campus, University of Yamanashi

(The lecture was relayed to the Faculty of Medicine campus using teleconference stem.)

TurnoutAround 70

Host: The Support Office for Female Researchers. Co-host: The Gender Equality Promotion Head Office


 <Introductory speech by the president of the University of Yamanashi




Introduction of the activities of the Support Office for Female Researchers by the director Kazama