Symposium (The closing of the Female Researchers Support Office and the kick-off of the Gender Equality Office) – Report


As of January 1, 2015, the Female Researchers Support Office has changed its name and form to the Gender Equality Office. To commemorate this epic event, a symposium titled, “Symposium for the Closing of the Female Researchers Support Office and the Kick-Off of the Gender Equality Office” was held on January 8, 2015.

The event began with an introductory greeting from our Dean, Mr. Maeda, followed by 2 parts, with a short recess between Part 1 and 2 of the symposium.

For the first part, a briefing on the activities of the Female Researcher Support Office was 1sgiven. Ms. Kazama, the head of the office, started off the briefing with a report concerning the office activities. It was then followed by reports from Ms.Misa Otoguro, the associate professor of the bioagricultural science major of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. She is also a research staff member who is utilizing the career assistance support program. Ms. Marino Motoyama (3rd year student of the Faculty of Education and Human Sciences) and Mr. Yuji Tanaka (2nd year student of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences) also each gave their report as an acting career assistant supporter sponsored by the office.

The symposium then proceeded to a lecture titled “Shifting the Promotion of Female 基調講演をする清水副室長Researchers Support to Gender Equality” by Ms. Suzuyo Shimizu, the associate head of office of the Kiyohana Athena Gender Equality Office at The University of Miyazaki. The University of Miyazaki is well known for its advanced activities concerning the support for female researchers. Ms. Shimizu’s lecture brought light to many aspects of gender equality that should be recognized, and provided the listeners with much awareness and knowledge about gender equality.  As a closing for the first part of the symposium, the program supervisor, Mr.Tadamasa Kimura of the Japan Science and Technology Agency gave a review.

After a short recess, part 2 of the symposium began with a panel discussion, “Considering the Partnership of the University and the Local Community for the Promotion of Gender Equality”. The panelists pointed out that a university plays multiple roles such as being a provider for grounds of education and research, as well as being an entrepreneur. They exchanged opinions about the unique ways gender equality can be brought about in such a versatile environment. The discussion concluded with Office Head, Ms.Kazama’s promising words : “University of Yamanashi shall reaffirm the role it plays as a regional university, and will strive to be a university that can spread smiles not only within the campus but outside as well, to the local environment surrounding the campus.” The symposium concluded with a review of the second half from Mr. Katsuyuki Wada, the head of the promotional office of the Knowledge Infrastructure Policy Division within the Science and Technology Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

From the questionnaire passed out after the symposium, we learned that the symposium was a3s great success. Here are some of the opinions we collected from the questionnaire :

  • The Career Assistant Program is a wonderful program. More people should know about it.
  • The efforts put into gender equality issues in University of Miyazaki were very influential. We at University of Yamanashi should put in as much effort.
  • I was able to perceive the expectations Yamanashi, as a prefecture, has for The University of Yamanashi.
  • It was impressive to know that significance was placed on a better working/living environment for the society as a whole and not just for the purpose of “female” support.

For all those who participated in the symposium, we would like to express our deepest gratitude. Thank you very much for your participation.


・Greetings from the Dean
・Activities Report from the Female Researchers Support Office
・Briefing on the Results of the Career Assistant (Research Supporter) Program
・Keynote Lecture   Ms. Suzuyo Shimizu(Associate Head of the Kiyohana Athena Gender Equality Office of University of Miyazaki)
・Panel Discussion

Ms. Suzuyo Shimizu(Associate Head of the Kiyohana Athena Gender Equality Office of University of Miyazaki)
Ms. Keiko Sawai  (Counsellor for Gender Equality Promotion, Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau)
Ms. Miki Ichikawa    (Section Chief of Gender Equality, Yamanashi Prefecture Planning and Resident Life Department)
Mr. Yasuyuki Shimotsuma ( Director of University of Yamanashi, (In charge of General Affairs, Labor, and Information Management)

Facilitator  :Ms. Futaba Kazama Head of the Gender Equality Office.

【Participants】 114

The Gender Equality Office at The University of Yamanashi, (former Female Researchers Support Office) will place an even greater effort to strive for a university environment where smiles shine throughout the campus.

Thank you in advance for your support.