“Mind Map Seminar “ to be held!


The Gender Equality Office at The University of Yamanashi (former Female Researchers Support Office) will be holding a “Mind Map Seminar” on Thursday, February 26, 2015, as this year’s second advancement seminar!

As a research staff member, it is necessary to devise an efficient way of self-managing in order to proceed with affairs such as research and education within a limited time. This is even more so when you are facing a major life event. Meanwhile, it is said that most business tools and methods that are introduced generally cannot be immediately applied to the works of researchers.

With that in mind, we have invited Ms. Chizuru Sakakibara of the Gender Equality Office at The University of Nagoya. A female researcher herself, she will speak to our research staff about practical skills that can be immediately put into use in daily affairs.

Ms. Sakakibara specializes in the history of female education from medieval to modern/present day Japan and also places her research on Japanese medieval literature. In addition, as the associate professor for the Gender Equality Office of The University of Nagoya, she is mainly in charge of supporting the promotion of work-life balance (including matters related to the on-campus nursery and day-care facility), and the female science students’ community, the “Akaringo-tai”. Moreover, she holds a certificate for the Mind Map Education Fellowship authorized by Pusan and uses her knowledge to frequently hold mind map lectures for researchers of the university titled “Application of Mind Maps Methods in One’s Work”.

Of all the certified mind map instructors, it is a golden opportunity to learn from someone who has a deep understanding of female researchers support. Seats are limited so please be quick to make your reservations!

【Time and Date】Thursday, February 26, 2015 13:30~16:00

【Place】University of Yamanashi Kofu Campus, Faculty of Engineering, B1 Building Room B1-214, Gender Equality Office Communication Room.

【Lecturer】Ms. Chizuru Sakakibara (Associate Professor at the University Of Nagoya Gender Equality Office / Pusan Certified Mind Map Education Fellowship Member)

【Target Group】Research staff at The University of Yamanashi and/or any other teaching staff or students of the university.

【Reservation】Advance reservation is required
University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office: B1 Building RoomB1-213(Office)

Tel: 055-220-8350(Extension 8350)
E-mail: conohana@yamanashi.ac.jp

Please refer here for leaflets concerning mind map seminars ↓