Report on the Lecture Course “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!”, for Female Students of Junior Highschools/Highschools in Yamanashi


This is a report concerning the event, “Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!” held on Saturday, February 14 at “Pure Sogo” (the Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Office).

【Name of Event】”Let’s Talk About the Future of Science Girls!”

【Place】”Pure Sogo” (The Yamanashi Prefecture Gender Equality Promotional Office) Medium Training Room.

【Number of Participants】8 Junior Highschool Female Students of Yamanashi and 4 guardians/group conductors.

This was in fact the second time the event took place since last year.

(For the report concerning last year’s event, please refer here →


Ratio wise, science girls (girls who study the field of science) are still relatively a minority. The number of female students is especially low in the field of engineering. Why is that? Could it be perhaps that there just aren’t enough opportunities to learn about how fun and fascinating science can be? ….That is why we have created an opportunity to talk to female junior highschool/highschool students to let them know what it is actually like to pursue one’s studies in the field of science.

First, a key lecture titled “Choosing the Field of Science with a Positive Attitude ~ Will Your Future Path Expand with Infinite Possibilities?!~” was given by Ms. Yamashita, the associate professor of the University of Yamanashi Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences. It was then followed by presentations given by actual female students who study the field of life science, civil engineering, and mechanical systems /electrical engineering, respectively.  The event ended with a casual discussion among the students, teachers, and the participants who enjoyed talking about their favorite subjects and about which specific field they are interested in. ♪

We would like to thank the staff of Pure Sogo, who made an enormous effort to spread the public announcement for this event and also for preparing abundant snacks and candies for the participants!

Please note that we will be introducing the struggles that Ms. Yamashita and the students who cooperated with this lecture experienced during the preparation for the event. We will be posting the article along with a rundown of the events that took place during the occasion in the “Imadoki! Students” section. Please stay tuned!