“GIRLS TALK” cosponsored by 3 Universities in Yamanashi will be held!


The University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office, together with Yamanashi Eiwa College and Yamanashi Gakuin University, will hold the following event.

Wouldn’t you like to talk casually with female researchers who work in universities?
You can ask them about their jobs, their research, their families and their hobbies, what they were like as highschool/university students, how they decided on their future, etc….
Female students who are considering, or even pondering a future in science studies, please come and join us for this opportunity to have some casual chit chat♪

Date : February 24~26,2015

Time : 17:30~19:00

Place : Yamanashi Prefectural Library Multiuse Room

Website : https://www.lib.pref.yamanashi.jp/access/index.html

*Participation is free. Male students who are interested are also welcomed to join us.

■Tuesday, February 24   University of Yamanashi(1st Floor, Multiuse Room 104)
Ms. Yukiko Tokitomo (Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Sitology (Food Science) major)
Ms. Ichiko Inagaki (Gender Equality Office, Gender Equality)
Ms. Mana Yanagiba (Graduate School, Biotechnology major)

■Wednesday, February 25 Yamanashi Eiwa College and University of Yamanashi  (2nd Floor Multiuse Room 202)
Ms. Sangjin Lee (Yamanashi Eiwa College, Faculty of Human Cultures, International Exchange major)
Ms. Chika Kojima (University of Yamanashi, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Music Education major)
Ms. Mana Yanagiba (University of Yamanashi Graduate School, Biotechnology major)

■Thursday, February 26 Yamanashi Gakuin (1st Floor Multiuse Room 104)
Ms. Chikako Nomura (Faculty of Management and Information, Management major)
Ms. Fuki Nagakura (Faculty of Management and Information, Sports Management major)
Ms. Rumi Taroura (Faculty of Modern Business, Tax Law major)

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Please feel free to come and join us☆