CA (Career Assistant) Wanted! 【Offer Closed】


At the Gender Equality Office, we are looking for “Career Assistants,” namely students who are willing to support researchers during a major life event.

Active Period : From April, 2015 to the end of September, 2015
Hourly Pay:Undergraduate student 881JPY, Students with a bachelor’s degree or above 1,093JPY
Application Period : February 25, 2015 ~ May 6, 2015
※Depending on the number of applicants, we may close the offer before the deadline.  

The specific field of study of the researchers who are beseeching CA’s, and the outline of his/her work is as follows :

<Number of Available Positions : 1 per each post >

1. Offer Closed!
【Outline of Work】Assistance in simple research procedures pertaining to microbes, such as culturing microbes and/or extracting DNA samples.
【Working Days】2 to 3 days a week. 2 to 3 hours a day.
【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】Applied Microbiology.
【Type of CA Wanted】Someone who is not a member of the research laboratory and is interested in microbes such as lactic bacteria and/or yeast.

2. Offer Closed!!
【Outline of Work】Organizing literary documents and source materials, field work assistance (assistance in video recording at affiliated schools), video editing, assistance in making data records.
【Working Days】1 to 2 days a week. 1 to 2 hours a day.
【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】Early Childhood Care and Education. (Domestic Science, Socio-Environmental Studies)
【Type of CA Wanted】 Someone who has a deep understanding for education and/or the actual job scene of those that work in the field of nursery care. A student with teaching practice experience is desirable. He/She should also be able to edit visual images using a computer. Also, the researcher is looking for someone who likes small children.


3. Offer Closed!
【Outline of Work】English translation of source materials, searching for academic papers, organizing data materials.
【Working Days】1 to 2 days a week. Approximately 2 hours a day.
【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】Japanese Language Education, Education for Overseas Students.
【Type of CA Wanted】A Japanese student who is fluent in English.

<Number of Available Position 2 persons per post>


4. Offer Closed!
【Outline of Work】Assistance of ceramic art creation, maintenance of necessary tools for pottery, arrangement of workshops, and preparation of referential artwork.
【Working Days】 1 to 2 days a week. Approximately 2 hours a day.
【Researcher’s Area of Specialization】School Education Division (Fine Arts, Ceramic Art).
【Type of CA Wanted】Someone who has basic knowledge of formative art pertaining to sculpture.

For those who are interested in the position of CA, please contact us through our “Inquiry” mail form that can be found on our homepage.
When applying for a CA position, please remember to note the number given to the researcher who you wish to work for and your reason for application.
After your application is accepted by the Gender Equality Office, we will hold an interview with each of the applicants.
Under normal conditions, the interview will be held a week after the deadline of the application.

We await for your response♪