「Mind Map Seminar」– Report


The University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office (former Female Researchers Support Office) held a “Mind Map Seminar” on Thursday, February 26, 2015 as this fiscal year’s second upskill seminar!

【Time and Date】Thursday, February 26, 2015   13:30~16:30

【Place】University of Yamanashi Kofu Campus, Faculty of Engineering, Bldg.B1, Room B1-214, The Gender Equality Office Communication Room.

【Lecturer】Ms. Chizuru Sakakibara(Associate Professor of the University of Nagoya Gender Equality Office / Fellow Member of the Mind Map Education Fellowship authorized by Pusan)


Students and teaching staffs, both male and female who are new to mind mapping or have already used self-learned mind mapping skills participated in this seminar.

Many of them had trouble working on a brain work-out in which they were asked to immediately draw up images that popped up in their mind on to a piece of paper. But the 3 hour seminar went by very quickly while the participants spent a valuable time, experiencing a brain work-out that they normally would not do : spilling out flash images of the mind on to paper.

Many case examples that can only be given by a university instructor were also introduced and from this, we received positive feedbacks that read “They can be utilized when writing up a paper.” Being a university researcher herself, Ms. Sakakibara’s methods can be applied right away for students and staffs of a university!! Although there are many mind map instructors in Japan, we are so glad to have specifically asked Ms.Sakakibara to hold a lecture for us.

Ms. Sakakibara, thank you very much!!

We hope that the participants will make good use of the mind mapping skills that was introduced in the seminar. Please continue “drawing up your images” until you can say that you have your own mind map. We are rooting for you♪

We will be introducing the run of events of the seminar in the “Cono Hana Gathering” section on our homepage. Please stay tuned!