The 6th Female Researchers Network Seminar (Luncheon Seminar Within the Analytical Chemistry Debate) to be held!


The 6th Female Researchers Network Seminar will be held as follows .

The 6th Female Researchers Network Seminar  (The 75th Analytical Chemistry Debate)

【Time and Date】Saturday, May 23, 2015 12:00~13:00

【Venue】University of Yamanashi Kofu Campus, University Assembly Hall Lounge.

12:00 Opening Remarks
Ms. Hideko Kanazawa (Keio University, Faculty of Pharmacy)

12:05 Introduction
Ms. Futaba Kazama (Office Head of the University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office. “Facing Female Support from an Academic Viewpoint – What the Government and Academe Aims For-“

12:35 Casual Discussions
Casual discussions and conversations with one another during lunch

【Participation Fee】Free

【Advance Reservation】No Reservations Needed

    ★A luncheon seminar style with bento lunches, drinks and mini deserts!
 ★We will be distributing tickets for the luncheon seminar at the event site. Please feel free to participate.
 ★Male participants are also welcome to join us!

【Inquiries/Contact】 Keio University Ms. Hideko Kanazawa
Note:If you have an inquiry, please change the”■”mark to an”@” mark.

【Sponsor】The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

【Co-sponsor】University of Yamanashi Gender Equality Office

【Supporting Company】GL Sciences Incorporated