The Support Office for Female Researchers of University of Yamanashi has been opened!


The Support Office for Female Researchers started its operation on October 1st, 2012, at Kofu campus of the University of Yamanashi.
This office was born to support female researchers working in this campus, and in various stages of their lives, and to create an atmosphere of increasing the number of future female researchers, by providing a system to maintain and promote ideal environments for female workers.

Not only giving assistance to the female researchers working at the faculties of Education Human Science, Engineering, Life and Environment Sciences, and related centers in the Kofu campus, we also transmit support messages for the female students, including international students.

Our Policy

“Coordination” to connect those who give and receive support

“Cooperation” with local communities to support female researchers

“Communication” provided for exchanging information

Our activities include support for research, support for childcare in cooperation with nurseries in the vicinity of the campus, convivial parties inviting role models, and consultation on career paths for students.
The office is open for everyone, offering a comfortable atmosphere and tasty cups of coffee, maybe too good (!) to have in a campus♪
Please use this office as a “general consultation window”♪

We will be waiting for you at the room 302 of the Building-Y, on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15 (Extension No: 8350).