Audit to “The Corporate Gender Equality Promotion Seminar” hosted by Yamanashi Prefecture


 We attended “The Corporate Gender Equality Promotion Seminar” on June 25th, 2013, held at Yamanashi Pref. Gender Equality Promotion Center (Pyua Sogo).

Seminar: How to Make an Office Environment where Each Employee can Play Active Roles― Work-life Balance & Diversity

Mr. Naoki Atsumi
Director of Research Department
TORAY Corporate Business Research, Inc.

The lecture was truly convincing and well backed up with not only his own experiences but with related research data, too.

 ・Women’s active participation is not equal to their “adaptation to the male-oriented society” !
 ・In the midst of the hyper decreasing birthrate and aging population in the entire society, the child-rearing support system is not yet fully ready even though we already know that we are soon facing the time of soaring demand for nursing services for the elderly !!
 ・Any short-sighted business who takes child-rearing and nursing system support as disadvantage will not survive !  Having members with experience/understanding of child-rearing and nursing is an advantage in a mid/long-term.

And more…

It was an educational seminar to deepen our understanding about “work-life balance & diversity being an important keyword for a business management strategy”. The speaker is the author of the book about father’s child rearing (Japanese title: “Ikumen de Iko ! ” 『イクメンで行こう!』), one of a book collection of the Support Office. 

This is an autographed copy for us at the seminar!