Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held.


On February 4th, Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar was held. Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa, a representative of Next…Continue reading

Medical Women Symposium was held.


On January 27th, 2012 the Medical Women Symposium “Female Doctors’ Career Opportunities Learned from Role Mode…Continue reading

Medical Women Symposium will be held.


The Medical Department of University of Yamanashi will co-host Medical Women Symposium.Our office’s director F…Continue reading

Seminar for Harassment Prevention


2013 Campus Harassment Prevention Seminar will be held. In the University of Yamanashi, the Campus Harassment …Continue reading

Lecture Meeting in Commemoration of the Opening of Support Office for Female Researchers


Special lecture by Professor Ichiro Yonenaga, Director of the Office for Women Researchers of Tohoku Universit…Continue reading