About the Project

The measure which performs environmental management for making childbirth, child-rearing or care, and research compatible is supported so that a female researcher can demonstrate the capability to the utmost.

Support [Upgrading of compatible work environment]

Let us introduce the first two of our policy, “Coordination”; to connect persons to give and receive support, and “Cooperation”; with local communities to comprehensively support female researchers to balance their research and life events.

Networking [Offering of the interaction and information]

“Communication – We offer the communication forum for the exchange of informatiom” Let us introduce the contents themed on “Networking” of people and information.

Cultivation [Cultivation of the Researchers of the Next Generation]

Let’s introduce our activity “in the vision of the future” for increasing the number of female researchers.

Upgrading [Enforcement of Campus-wide Alliance]

This is to introduce an activity to improve campus environment so that everyone in it can be motivated to keep striving ahead for their academic research.

Aiming[Our Current Status and Goal]

I introduce our performance goal, the measure of a university and each faculty, and a questionnaire.