About “Sakuya Conohana Project”

This project is subsidized by the Supporting Activities for Female Researchers of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The aim of these activities is to improve work environments to allow female researchers to conduct research activities to the full extent of their abilities even while being pregnant, raising children, or caring for the elderly.

We named our project “Sakuya Conohana Project” at the start of the operation, and started our support activities.

Origin of Conohana

The name of the project came from “Konohana Sakuya-hime” and the three “Co”s of our policy.
“Konohana Sakuya-hime” is a Shinto goddess in Japanese myths, and the name is said to mean a beautiful woman like blossoms blooming on cherry or plum trees.

We named the project with the concept of “supporting strong and beautiful working women” who fulfill their life events while having a career, and maintain a radiance which is beautiful like blooming cherry blossoms.

Three “Co”s of Our Policy

“Co” for “Coordination” to connect those who give and receive support.

“Co” for “Cooperation” with local communities to support female researchers.

“Co” for “Communication” provided for exchanging information.

Career, marriage, pregnancy, delivery, child raising, housework, elderly care…

here are so many significant life events for women.
Each of them is precious for you and you have to strike a balance between them.

Our wish to establish and maintain the support system for women to keep on shining in every aspect of life was put into this name.

Profile of Conohana-hime

We even created a mascot “Conohana-hime” for the project.

The name is from “Konohana Sakuya-hime”, a Shinto goddess in Japanese myths, and from three “Co’s”.
“Hime” also means a princess in Japanese.

Name Conohana-hime
Date of Birth October 1st of a certain year
Place of Birth Kofu Campus of University of Yamanashi
Field of Study Environmentology
Pastime Cooking, snowboarding
Favorite Corsages
Obsession Bobbed bangs, curled eyelashes, lip rouge

About the Logo

The logo came from the image of “Konohana Sakuya-hime” explained in “Origin of Conohana”, and of a cherry blossom elegantly blooming, smiling in a breeze, like women sticking to their roles beautifully.

With this adorable smiling logo, we give out our support with a smile wishing you to keep on shining.