-Support – Upgrading of compatible work environment

Coordination – We connect those who give and receive support”
We check the needs of support from researchers and coordinate them with the supporters. (Female Researchers Supporter System)

Cooperation – We support female researchers comprehensively with the help of local communities”
We collaborate with nurseries in the vicinity of the Kofu campus to support female researchers to balance their work and childcare. (Cooperation arrangement with nurseries)

A dilemma that many women with a career would confront is the reconciliation of the career and the family life events.

The life events referred to here are such as marriage, pregnancy, delivery, child-raising, and elderly care. Especially the combination of a career and pregnancy or delivery, the roles only women can take, is a worry for many female workers, and researchers are not an exception.

In the area of science and technology, the performances of female researchers are necessary for the activation of research by incorporating their diverse perspectives and ideas.
In Kofu campus, the upgrading of the environment for the female researchers has been focused so that they bring the best out of their abilities in research, not being interrupted by various life events.