Female Researchers Supporter System

We introduced the following supporter system for the female researchers who are facing significant life events.

Lecture supporter:

Lecturing can be substituted by the University’s lecturers registered in advance, or the post-retirement lecturers of science, agricultural science, or technology.

Research supporter:

Assistance for research experiments and the guidance for the research students are conducted by the students of University of Yamanashi, with prior registration.

Health supporter: Health support will be given for those in need, especially for pregnancy and baby care by the collaboration with the health care center and the department of medicine of this University.

This support allows female researchers to engage in their life events without discontinuing their research.

The supporters also can take advantages of utilizing their skills, developing their research abilities, or opportunities to contact the role models of “female researchers”.

Our office supports your effectiveness and fulfilling research activities by matching your needs with the supporters. Also we are hoping to recruit the research supporter from even outside the campus in the future for their carrier path.