Conohana Cafe

The Support Office for Female Researchers of University of Yamanashi is offering a communication room named “Conohana Cafe” for the female researchers, supporters and students attending the Kofu campus, where they can enjoy carefree conversation.

“Conohana Cafe” is also available for the visitors to consult the office staff, and we are going to utilize this communication room for some events to:

  • exchange information among female researchers;
  • communicate with the givers or the receivers of support;
  • learn from role models.

Conohana Cafe is also welcoming female overseas students, for the visitors to exchange international perspectives and to have a broader circle of friends. (A support for the cultivation of global human resources)

In order to present you a comfortable space, we made the interiors of Conohana Cafe like an actual cafe.

We hope that the staff and the visitors share a relaxing time over a cup of coffee, and find out a suitable form of support for each case.

If you wish to consult us privately, please tell us so in advance, and we will provide you a room for that.The priority here is to promote a trusting relationship. So feel free to visit and chat with us.

For those who hesitate to visit the support office for some reason, feel free to ask us for a house (or laboratory, etc) call, which is also available.

-Learning from Role Models-

For students, it is very meaningful to listen to the speech of their seniors who are now active in the same field, and the experience may play a great role in the future formation of their careers and selves.

We will present lectures inviting the faculty, researchers and alumni of this university, or corporate researchers and others from outside the campus, for you to hear in person their experiences, or the tips “to make the best of oneself”. By offering such opportunities to receive an advice for one’s future, we wish to contribute to female career development.

We are also planning to make some parties for the present and future female researchers, with the senior researchers who have gone through their significant life events while continuing researches.

Since the circumstances are still difficult for female researchers, these opportunities to hear the experience or to receive direct advices from the seniors will be helpful for you to make plans for the future.

We hope that many students and researchers utilize such events to encounter your role models, to receive precious information and advice, and to approach what you wish to be in the future.

We will post the contents of these parties on Conohana Cafe on the Web.