Researchers and Fledgling Researchers’ Fun Page


Female Students’ Fun Page

The Support Office is also engaged in the operations to broaden the perspectives of female researchers, and one of them is the promotion of the science-related options for female students, in collaboration with the Career Center of our university.

Without the knowledge of science-related options, one cannot get interested in them!

In our blog titled “IMADOKI! Students” we introduce the daily and the campus lives of the female students of science-related majors in the University of Yamanashi, and this may give some clues to younger students when they decide their course.

The knowledge of the daily lives, actual conditions, principles and real intentions, dreams, etc of the female students of science majors will be a useful reference for future university students to get interested in the science-related majors! It is one of our aims that many young students with infinite potential are influenced by the contents of this blog.

Another aim of this blog is that our students in the campus will also be stimulated and motivated by it, getting a glimpse of the life of the students of different majors.

Researchers and Fledgling Researchers’ Fun Page

We feature a female researcher or engineer who plays an active role in her field in and out of this university, as “Conohana-san of the Month”. Also the episodes by the researcher who experienced significant life events during the research will be posted as a good advice.