Career Development Course

Career Development for Women in Science-related Field

This program offers the study of imaginable future professions, work-life balance, and gender equality through the lectures by alumnae, senior scientists and engineers.
The aim of the program is to help students chart their future courses, to be the professionals they wish to be, through the lectures by their experienced seniors, or by the medical doctors and others who engage in delivery and childcare. The students will learn diverse views of occupation and life by this, and it will help them in their course options at graduation or the completion of courses, or in the formation and the continuance of their careers, and for us all to think about realizing a better future.

In the field of science and technology, the participation of women still falls behind. With the seniors and the colleagues being mostly male, female researchers tend to struggle alone with the worries of health, job transfers, and life events particular to women. We wish to nurture a strong and flexible intellect for them to cope with the problems in various stages of life, by informing them of diverse options, a sense of values, and assistance measures.

This program is designed for all the students of this university.

Advanced Work-Life Balance

We are planning to set up our graduate school’s public lecture “Work-Life Balance Advanced Study” in 2013, and will develop an educational program featuring the improvement of planning ability, negotiating ability or the career formation awareness by, for example, having the students themselves actually invite the lecturers.