– Upgrading – Enforcement of Campus-wide Alliance

At Kofu campus, various support centers and committees have been promoting the improvement of the campus environment so that every person working or studying in the campus can be intensely engaged in their academic research.

In line with their activities, our Support Office presents and share information with female researchers and students.

Cooperation with the Gender-free Activities

We hold a seminar collaborating with those who have acted to promote gender equality in Kofu campus.
The seminar is intended not only for our faculty and staff members but also for the students, in order to present an opportunity to deepen their social awareness for “the realization of gender-free society where every person can fulfill one’s potential regardless of gender”.

Enforcement of In-campus Network

Our office is setting up a liaison committee with various support centers and the committees in the campus to share the utmost consideration for our female researchers, students, and overseas students, and will propose further improvement of the campus environment.
The results of the liaison committee meetings will be posted on our website and published on our information papers.