– Aiming – Our Current Status and Goal

◇Current Status of Female Researchers

According to “White Paper on Gender Equality 2013” by Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office, Japan was the worst in the listed countries on the international comparison of ratio of female researchers. (Figure1)


On the other hand, in University of Yamanshi, it is obvious that the ratio of female researchers in faculty of engineering is extremely low. (Table1)
It is our mission to improve the working-environment around them and hire female researchers more positively.

1. EU member nations and major nations(Russia, USA, Korea, Japan)
2. Value of EU member nations is estimated with ”Eurostat”, and includes defined value. Value of Germany is as of 2009, and the others, as of 2010.
3. Value of Japan is based on “Report on the Survey of Res. and Development 2012”.
4. Value of USA is based on ”Science and Engineering Indicators 2006” published by NSF as of 2003. In case of including engineers, it should be 27.0%。

Figure 1
international comparison of ratio of female researchers.

The number and ratio of female researchers (over assistant professor) in University of Yamanashi and whole of country, Japan. (As of May.2013)

school/Attached facilities
Number of Female
Ratio of
Female Researchers
Faculty of Education and
Human Sciences
19 19.2%
Faculty of Medicine 65 19.4%
Faculty of Engineering 9 5.8%
Faculty of Life and
Environmental Sciences
10 15.6%
Graduate School/
Attached Facilities
7 13.7%
Whole of Country(※) 31,770 18.9%

※It is estimated from the date in White Paper on Gender Equality 2012 and it shows the ratio as of 2010.

Our Goal
The supporting Activities for Female Researchers of Japan Science and Technology Agency will be conducted for 3years, from 2012 to 2014. Our aiming goal is as below.

  • As for the position occurred by retirees in 5years after FY, 2013, 15% out of it should be occupied by female researchers.
  • More than 1 of professor or associate professor should be assigned for every department in Faculty of Engineering. To increase the number of female researchers, we aim to positively hire female researchers for the position occurred by retiree by FY, 2014.


Here is the introduction of the approaching of University of Yamanashi and each faculty for our goal, and questioner to improve the environment

Approaching of University of Yamanashi

Registered to Positive Acton Portal  2013-06-24
The award ceremony of gender equality activities was held. 2013-06-11
Awarded a prize on gender equality activities in 2013  2013-06-03
First meeting of Gender Equality in fiscal year 2013 was held. 2013-05-24

Approaching of each faculty

<Faculty of Education and Human Sciences>
Faculty of Education and Human Sciences started women priority open recruitment as part of gender-equality promotion  2013-06-24

<Faculty of Engineering>


<Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences>